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Anti -climbing fence for your safety choice









Anti -climbing fence

Anti climb fence – also known as security fence – is a type of fence whereby wires are welded closely together in small and neat panels. These panels are attached to tubular high strength steel posts to further enhance the strength and integrity of the fence.

Anti climb fences are typically used in industrial or commercial properties to provide additional protection for assets.



Advantages of Anti Climb Fence

Anti-cut and anti-scaling

The security design of an anti climb fence prevents it from being climbed or cut as its welded wire mesh panels are anti-cut and anti-scaling.

High security

Anti climb fences,  provide a high level of security as it is not possible to climb or cut it. For added protection, one can consider adding a fence topper such as concertina barbed wire or security fence spikes to further deter trespassers.

High durability and low maintenance

Made with hot-dipped galvanised material locally. The additional coating makes the fence last longer. This also makes the anti-climb fence extremely low maintenance.

Prevents small animals from trespassing

The small panels of the anti climb fence prevent small animals such as stray dogs, cats and rats from entering the premises.




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Post time: May-08-2024