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razor wire Anti-Climbing Metal Fence for Important Places

Short Description:

Barbed guardrail is a new type of protective net, made of sharp sharp angle galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet as blade, steel wire as core wire combination of protective equipment The product has the effect of deterrence, anti-overturning, etc., the material is hard, high strength, high tension, unique shape design, not suitable for touch, so as to achieve excellent protective isolation effect.

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Weaving and Characteristics: woven and welded. The grid structure of the prison fence net is simple, easy to transport, and the installation is not limited by the undulation of the terrain, especially for mountainous, sloped and curved areas. The product is rugged, moderately low price, and suitable for large-area use.

Product Features: prison fence net has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun protection, weather resistance and so on. The spiral cross blade gill net is a strong clamp between the two blade gill nets with stainless steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet, which is cross-shaped after unfolding, beautiful and practical. Anti-corrosion forms of prison fence net: electroplating, hot plating, spraying, dipping.

Main Uses: prison fence net is mainly used for the protection of prisons, outposts, border defense, restricted areas, military defense protection and other high-risk areas.


Product Advantages


1. Beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install.

2. The terrain adaptability is strong, and the connection with the column can be adjusted up and down with the undulation of the ground.

3. The horizontal four-way bending stiffener, while the overall cost does not increase much, the strength and aesthetics of the mesh are significantly increased, which is a popular isolation network at home and abroad.

4. The anti-climbing ability is extremely strong, and the reinforced mesh increases the degree of its destruction, long use time, and is strong and durabl.



The prison high-security protective net in the prison fence network is made of large-diameter high-strength alloy steel wire, which has anti-climbing, impact resistance, shear resistance and good deterrent effect, and is specially used in high-security fields such as prison detention centers and military bases on police cordons.

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