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Folded Flood Prevention and Defense Barrier Welded Gabion Net

Short Description:

Welded Gabion Cage, also known as Military Explosion Proof Wall, Metal Wire Mesh Gabion Cage, Gabion, Welded Gabion Cage. Electric welded gabion mesh is a modern gabion mesh used for military fortifications and flood control. It is made of foldable metal mesh containers and can be used for individual or multiple connections together.

Our factory is located in China and exported to various parts of the world! The minimum order quantity is 100 sets.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Model Defense Barrier

Material hot-dip galvanized coating line or Galfan coating

Processing Services Welding, Cutting

Surface treatment hot-dip galvanized Galfan gabion

Colors green and beige

Grid size 50 * 50/100 * 100/75 * 75/50 * 100mm

Wire diameter 4-6 mm

Standard BS EN 10218-2:2012

Aperture 75 * 75mm, 76.2 * 76.2mm, 80 * 80mm, etc

Geotextiles weighing 250g/m2, 300g/m2, etc

Hole shaped square

Tensile strength 350N-700N

Usage sandbag gabion wall


Main features

Features of welded gabion mesh: Compared with reinforced concrete defense fortresses, it has advantages such as light weight, convenient loading and unloading, and recyclability. The defensive fortress adopts a perfect combination of welded gabion mesh and geotextile, used as temporary to semi permanent embankments or blast walls. Stone cage barrier fortress sand wall size: Most obstacles can also be stacked, and they are transported in a compact set of folding.

Purpose of stone cage defense barrier: Widely used in peripheral security, military defense walls, equipment revetments, and defensive shooting positions, it has the ability to resist explosive shock waves and can limit the destructive power of explosions to a certain range.

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