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Galvanized Razor, Barbed Wire, Coil, Barbed Wire

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Shaver wire mesh is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet, high-strength galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire as a core wire rejector. Due to the unique shape of the razor line and its difficulty in touching, excellent protective isolation is possible.

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After the barbed wire roller cage is wound with a blade wire rope, two adjacent circles are fixed every 120° with a barbed wire connection card, and a snake belly net is formed after opening. The diameter of the barbed wire mesh ring of the blade is 50cm after closing, and the installation distance of each cross ring after opening is 20cm, and the diameter is not less than 45cm.The blade barbed wire is formed by mechanically pressing the steel wire to punch the steel plate. The blade spines have a width of 22mm, a vertical distance of 15mm between the two edges, a longitudinal distance between the blades of 34mm, and a core diameter of 2.5mm. The blade is made of Q5 steel plate with a thickness of 195.0mm. The core wire is cold-drawn from HPB300φ6.5mm high wire.

Blade barbed wire
Razor with barbed wire
Single coil shaver thread


With beautiful sharp blade and strong core wire, hexagonal hot dip manufacturer BTO-22 galvanized stainless steel military hexagonal qin razor barbed wire mesh hot sale cheap barbed wire mesh has the characteristics of good deterrent effect, beautiful appearance, easy installation, economic and practical..

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Hexagonal piano hot dip manufacturer BTO-22 galvanized stainless steel military hexagonal qin razor barbed wire hot sale cheap barbed wire is widely used in apartments, organizational units, prisons, border guards, military fields and other places that require strict fencing and security.

Serpentine belly barbed wire
Stainless steel shaver

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