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Garden Fence Modern Wrought Iron Fence

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Galvanized fence can be used for villas, gardens, road sides or factory area isolation, made of high-strength steel, the overall strength is greatly improved, with strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low foundation requirements, long service life, easy to clean

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1.Galvanized fences can be used in residential areas, villas, schools, factories, commercial and entertainment venues, airports, stations, municipal projects, road traffic, landscaping projects, etc

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Anti-rust fence
Wrought-iron fence panels


Material: Q195

Height: 1.8m Length: 2.4m

Exterior treatment: welding plus powder coating

Column: thickness 50 mm, 60 mm

Horizontal tube size: 40 mm × 40 mm

Vertical tube size: 19 mm × 19 mm 20 mm × 20 mm

Garden fence (1)
Garden fence
Metal anti-rust fence
Metal fence

Installation method

When the column of the zinc steel fence commonly used in this site fence is installed, there are two most commonly used installation and fixing methods, the first is to fix with expansion bolts, when purchasing this installation method of zinc steel fence, the project site must be made in advance of the concrete foundation, to ensure that the thickness of the concrete foundation is at least more than 15cm, and at the same time to ensure that the horizontality of the concrete foundation is good, only in this way can the zinc steel fence be installed both firm and beautiful. Another installation method does not need to make a concrete foundation in advance, this installation method is to excavate the embedded pit on the ground according to the position of each column during on-site construction (generally the embedded pit is 20*20*30mm square hole), and then put the column into the corresponding embedded hole, straighten it and fill the reserved hole with cement mortar.

Zinc steel guardrail

The crossbar of this zinc steel fence generally has two connection and fixing methods, one is that the crossbar is connected to the column through a special U-shaped connector, and the other is not to use the column, and the crossbar is directly buried in the masonry wall stack during installation, and the depth of the crossbar buried in the wall stack is generally 50mm.

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