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Anti – Corrosion bastion barrier Blast Wall Defensive Sand Barrier security explosion-proof Wall

Defensive barriers are also known as Blast Wall Barrier, Defensive Bastion, etc. It is a prefabricated multi-cellular system made of Golfan/hot-dip galvanized welded gabion, lined with non-woven geotextiles. It can be filled with sand,earth, cement, stones and are widely used in fortifications and flood control.

Defensive barriers is a wall that has the ability to resist explosive shock waves and can limit the destructive effect of the explosion to a certain range. Compared with the reinforced concrete defensive barriers, it has the advantages of light weight, easy loading and unloading, recyclable and reusable.

defensive barriers uses the perfect combination of welded gabion wire and Geotextile, used as a temporary to semi-permanent levee or blast wall against explosions or small-arms.

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Defensive Barriers Specifications
ZR-1 5442 R 54”(1.37M) 42”(1.06M) 32’9”(10M)
ZR-2 2424 R 24” (0.61M) 24”(0.61M) 4′(1.22M)
ZR-3 3939 R 39”(1.00M) 39”(1.00M) 32′.9”(10M)
ZR-4 3960 R 39”(1.00M) 60”(1.52M) 32′.9”(10M)
ZR-5 2424 R 24”(0.61M) 24”(0.61M) 10′(3.05M)
ZR-6 6624 R 66”(1.68M) 24”(0.61M) 10′(3.05M)
ZR-7 8784 R 87”(2.21M) 84”(2.13M) 91′(27.74M)
ZR-8 5448 R 54”(1.37M) 48”(1.22M) 32′.9”(10M)
ZR-9 3930 R 39”(1.00M) 30”(0.76M) 30”(9.14M)
ZR-10 8760 R 87”(2.21M) 60”(1.52M) 100′(32.50M)
ZR-11 4812 R 48”(1.22M) 12”(0.30M) 4′(1.22M)
ZR-12 8442 R 84”(2.13M) 42”(1.06M) 108′(33M)


1. Flood Control.
Most of People used as the bulwark all over the river, unfold it and filled with sand or earth, instad of sandbags, it is easy to operate and efficacious.
2.  Defence
used for protection, because the bullet can not penetrate it easily, it can prevent explosion, and not easy to destroied.
3. Hotel Pretection
A lot of Superior Hotel used as the protection wall outside, safety, and beautiful.










Post time: Oct-18-2023