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Canada temporary fence panels for sale

Canada style temporary welded fence, also know as mobile fence, portable fence, is a kind of very popular temporary fencing in Canada and North America. The key feature of Canada mobile fence is the solid frame welded by square pipes, platy stable fencing feet and p shaped top coupler.

Temporary fencing is a modular and steady system for isolation & protection work of construction sites, accidents scene, municipal engineering, commercial area, residential use. Regression, if you are a temporary fencing rental company, here is the one-stop choice for your requirement of durable and reusable.

As a experienced professional manufacturer, we always adhere to the most accurate welding and dimensional calibration, whether from the tubular frame, welded mesh, fencing base or top connector.



  • Construction sites security.
  • Building and maintenance work.
  • Public and scenic areas.
  • Major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings.
  • Emergency warning system.
  • Any site needing security or privacy.

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1.High strength and safety.

2.Anti-theft and vandalismprotection.

3.Easy and fast to install and uninstall.

4.Movable with detachable feet.

5.Light weight.

6.Good applicability even though on rugged ground.

7.Various colors for choice.

8.Corrosion and rust resistance.

9.Durable and long service life.


Components Description
Temporary fence wire 3.0mm; 3.5mm; 4.0mm; 4.5mm,etc
mesh size 50*200mm; 75*150mm; 50*150mm; 60*150mm
Temporary fence popular size 1800*2900mm,1800*2950mm   
Frame size 20*20*1.5mm, 25*25mm*1.5mm, 30*30*1.5mm
Temporary fence base size 100*600*5.0mm or 100*762*5.0mm
Temporary fence steel clamp 150*150mm
Surface treatment hot dipped galvanized or powder coated coating




Post time: Mar-01-2024