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Razor wire for Anti-climbing fence to protect your safety

Razor Barbed Wire Razor wire also called concertina razor wire, as an upgraded security products of traditional barbed wire, has enhanced level of security and safety. It can be used individually along the wall or the top of the buildings to form a certain obstacles against intruders. It is also popularly used along the top of the metal fences offering strengthened barriers with sharp blades and barbs. It is fabricated from high tensile wire onto which a multitude of razor-sharp barbs are formed at close and uniform intervals. Its sharp barbs act as both visual and psychological deterrent, making it ideal for industries such as commercial, industrial, residential and governmental areas.


Material:Stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430), carbon steel. Surface treatment:Galvanized, PVC coated (green, orange, blue, yellow, etc.), E-coating (electrophoretic coating), powder coating. Dimensions: * Razor wire cross section profile * Standard wire diameter: 2.5 mm (± 0.10 mm). * Standard blade thickness: 0.5 mm (± 0.10 mm). * Tensile strength: 1400–1600 MPa. * Zinc coating: 90 gsm – 275 gsm. * Coil diameter range: 300 mm – 1500 mm. * Loops per coil: 30–80. * Stretch length range: 4 m – 15 m.


Razor Barbed Wire Applications: * Borders * Prisons * Airports * Government agencie * Mines * Explosives storage * Farms * Residential areas * Railway barrier * Seaports * Embassies * Water reservoirs * Oil depots * Gardens * Substations


Razor wire can be used with many kinds of mesh,like 358 anti climb fence,airport fence,chain link fence,palisade fence,welded wire mesh fence.It can make the site safer.And it can be made into various colors.The surface treatment made it anti rust,waterproof and other hurts.


Post time: Oct-13-2023