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The Chinese Plant Produces Barbed Iron Tribulus Terrestris

Blade barbed wire, also known as blade barbed wire, blade barbed net, is a new type of protective net. Features: The sharp knife-shaped thorn is loaded by a double-line buckle into a snake's belly, which is both beautiful and chilling, and plays a good deterrent role, with the advantages of beauty, good anti-blocking effect and convenient construction.


Uses: Blade gill nets have been widely used in military sites, prisons, government offices, banks, as well as living community walls, private houses, villa walls, doors and windows, highways, railway fences and border lines and other protective security.

Model: Blade gill mesh is divided into BTO and CBT

BTO includes BTO-10 BTO-18 BTO-22 BTO-28 BTO-30

CBT includes CBT-60 and CBT-65

BTO-22 is the most commonly used model in China, with a roll diameter of 50cm and 60cm.

Blade barbed mesh is a blocking equipment composed of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet stamped out of a sharp blade-like, high-tension galvanized steel wire or blade barbed wire stainless steel wire as a core wire. Due to the unique shape of the gill mesh and not easy to touch, it can achieve a good protective isolation effect. The border steel wire mesh using double helix blade gill net is also used to be called snake belly blade gill net, because its shape resembles a snake. The biggest difference between the double helix blade gill net and the single helix blade gill net: the adjacent two barbed wires are fixed with snaps, and the spliced blade gill nets are unfolded and crossed together. The gap between the barbed ropes is reduced to a greater extent, and the protection effect is greatly improved!

Post time: May-05-2023