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The popular galvanized link temporary fence in the United States completed production

Chain link temporary fence is also known as American-style temporary fence, movable fence, construction fence. It consists of a chain link panel, a round tube frame, steel feet, optional brackets, and clampsLink fences

Chain link fences, also known as cyclone fences or diamond fences. As a versatile fence, chain link fence is the fastest and most cost-effective fence product on the market today. Use braided steel wire to make panels, widely used anywhere. Due to different applications, it offers a variety of wire gauge and mesh sizes. All Linklandl link fence rolls come with wire lines and knuckle edges. What’s more, chain link fences with barbed edges are more popular and safer.

Link fence columns

Chain link fence is a wire hook made of hook grid machine made of various materials, which can be divided into two types: hemming and twistlock.

Link fence details

Key features
1) The linear structure is simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.
2) Renewable resources, which can be used for several years.
3) Remove all welding slag and make sure the fence surface is smooth.
4) The whole panel (welded mesh plate and frame tube) will be sprayed silver after welding to protect all solder joints.
5) The shape or specification of the fence can also be customized.

Galvanized chain link fence


Post time: Jun-24-2023