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The triangle wire mesh fence named after the triangular bend in the middle of the mesh.Also called 3D wire mesh fence and curved wire mesh fence . This product is welded with Q235 Q195 low carbon cold drawn steel wire, cold drawn low carbon steel wire and low carbon steel wire . and then bent by a bending machine. Users can choose 2-5 bending parts according to requirements. The general height is 3 bends below 1.8 meters, and 4 bends above 1.8 meters. Welded the stiffener at the top of the triangle at the bend.

wire diameter: 4.0-6.0mm mesh opening size: 50mm x180mm 60mmx200mm Peach column size: 50x70mm 70x100mm Thickness 1-2mm Mesh size: 2.5mx3.0m Reinforcing ribs: three or four bending:

Structure: After welding with high-strength cold-drawn wire and low-carbon steel wire, it is fixed with the link attachment and the steel pipe support.


Advantages of Triangle Bend Fence Mesh

Appropriate bending makes the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface is treated with dip coating of various colors, such as yellow, green, red, and the color of the column and the mesh is different. It is pleasing to the eye, and at the same time, this kind of product is mostly equipped with a chassis column, and the installation only needs to lay the expansion bolts, which is very fast.

Economical security Bending Fence solution

High strength and  rigidity.

Wide applicability for various environments, special size customize available.

Excellent durability with galvanize and powder coating, 10+ years warranty at least.

Fast Installation with our well developed components, assures installation can be efficient and rapid


How to choose the triangle bending fence?

When users need to buy the triangle bending fence, they must have some understanding of the performance of the triangle bending fence. The triangle bending fence is a kind of fence product with beautiful and durable grid structure, wide field of vision, diverse colors, high strength, good rigidity and beautiful appearance. Using the triangle bending fence can give people a feeling of being bright and relaxed. It acts as both a fence and a beautification.

The notches design of the peach post eliminates the need for any connecting parts between the peach post and the triangle bending fence , making it safer to be undetectable. The peach post has a variety of styles, to meet your installation in different venues. The installation of barbed wire and thorn ring at the top of the peach post increases the safety of the protective field.




Post time: Jan-10-2024