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Double wire fence – Clear View Fencing

Double wire fence

Double wire fence, known as double horizontal wire fence, 2d panel fence, or twin wire fence.  is also named 868 or 656 fence panel Each welded point is welded with one vertical and two horizontal wires, compared with ordinary welded fence panels, double wire fence has higher strength and can withstand larger impacts and high winds.
The mesh panel is welded with 8mm horizontal twin wires and 6mm vertical wires, strengthening the fence panel and reducing the probability of strangers’ intruding action. It is often used for industrial or commercial premises and sports pitches where a strong and good-looking mesh fencing system is required. Double wire fence is tall, robust, attractive and durable. It has excellent impact resistance.


  • Wire thickness: 5/6/5 or 6/8/6 mm
  • Mesh size: 50 × 200 mm (or custom-made)
  • Panel height: from 83 cm to 243 cm
  • Intermediate posts (stakes) straight, or with valance (L or Y shaped) – 30 cm or 50 cm valance. Barbed wire and concertinas can be applied to reinforce the system.
  • Posts fixed on baseplates or by embedding
  • Highly galvanised steel
  • PVC or electrostatic paint cover
  • All installation accessories included
  • Galvanised and painted steel clips
  • Mounting kit included
  • Heavy and high-security fence panel
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Fence post

The Welded Mesh Fence Panels are attached with high-strength steel posts. The shared posts of the Welded Fence are SHS tube, RHS tube, Peach post, Round pipe or Special-shaped post. Welded Mesh Fence Panels will be fixed to the post by suitable clips according to different post types.

Double Wire Fence Application

1. Buildings and factories
2. animal enclosure
3. fence in agriculture
4. Horticulture industry
5. tree guards
6. plant protection


 Double Wire Fence Packing

1. Plastic film at the bottom to avoid the panel being destroyed
2. 4 metal corners to ensure the panel is solid and uniform
3. wood plate at the top of the pallet to keep the under panel
4. pallet tube size:40*80mm tubes at the bottom vertical position.



Post time: Jan-12-2024